BLACK SALT FINE GRAIN/히말라야 핑크솔트 / ヒマラヤピンクソルト

BLACK SALT FINE GRAIN/히말라야 핑크솔트 / ヒマラヤピンクソルト

BLACK SALT FINE GRAIN/히말라야 핑크솔트 / ヒマラヤピンクソルト

BLACK SALT FINE GRAIN/히말라야 핑크솔트 / ヒマラヤピンクソルト

BLACK SALT FINE GRAIN/히말라야 핑크솔트 / ヒマラヤピンクソルト
BLACK SALT FINE GRAIN/히말라야 핑크솔트 / ヒマラヤピンクソルト
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BLACK SALT FINE GRAIN/히말라야 핑크솔트 / ヒマラヤピンクソルト
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Himalayan black salt is high in antioxidants and has a surprisingly low sodium content. It stimulates bile production in the liver, which helps to control heartburn and bloating. It reduces acid, gas, and flatulence production and relieves reflux, and increases vitamin absorption in the small intestine.
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  • HIMALAYAN BLACK SALT: Black Himalayan salt is one of the cleanest and most beneficial salts in the world. It has nutritional and therapeutic properties. You may recognize black Himalayan salt from its egg white taste in tofu scrambles. It can be used in cooking and to create relaxing bath bombs and salts for kids and adults. The salt in this pack is extra fine grind, and is extremely rare.
  • USE BLACK SALT IN COOKING: BLACK salt can be used in cooking. Add about a quarter teaspoon or a pinch of salt per serving size portion of food. The minerals in the salt help hydrate the body due to presence of rich electrolytes. It also helps with better metabolism and overall body Ph levels. Put black salt in a salt shaker or salt pepper grinder.
  • NATURAL VEGAN SALT: Pride of Pakistan Himalayan black salt is enriched with up to 84 minerals. Additionally, it is gluten-free, GMO-free, non-irradiated, vegan, cholesterol-free. The blackish appearance of our black salt proves its purity. Once you try this salt, you will never want to use table salt again!
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Black Salt (Kala Namak) is a easing salt - often used to help with digestion and ease constipation.May be good to regulate blood pressure as it contains lower sodium content than regular salts.
  • EASY SALT BATH: To make the perfect Himalayan salt bath, mix between 2 to 3 cups of salt (120 to 150 gm) in a tub full of hot water. Gently swirl the salts in water 1quntil they dissolve. Soak for 10 to 40 minutes for a therapeutic spa treatment. Breathe in the steam to invigorate your senses and for nasal passage relief. Let the salt minerals relax stiff muscles and heal skin naturally.
  • Aids weight loss

    Since black salt contains less sodium as compared to regular table salt, it doesn’t cause water retention and bloating. So it makes for a good alternative to white salt if you’re on a low-sodium diet and aiming to lose weight.

    Prevents muscle spasms and cramps

    Black salt not only contains small amounts of potassium, which is crucial to muscle functioning, but it also helps the body absorb the essential mineral. This makes it very effective in preventing painful muscle spasms and cramps.

    Treats acidity

    The alkaline properties of black salt help reduce excess acid in the stomach, and its high mineral content lessens the damage caused by acid reflux.

    Laxative benefits

    Black salt is also known for its laxative benefits, as it improves digestion and also alleviates intestinal gas. It makes an effective home remedy for constipation when combined with lemon juice and ginger.

    Promotes healthy hair

    The essential minerals in black salt are known to boost hair growth, strengthen weak hair and even prevent split ends. Including black salt in your diet can also help arrest hair fall, reduce dandruff, and promote healthy, lustrous hair.

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