Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics

Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics

Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics

Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics

Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics
Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics
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Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics

Himalayan Rose Salt Cosmetics


5 Reasons to use Himalayan Rose Salt for skin

Here's where things get fun. Whether you opt for pink, white or green (yes, it comes in green), there are sea salt benefits for skin aplenty. 

1. It's a super slougher

The most popular use of salt in skincare is exfoliation. Not only does it physically slough off dead skin cells, but the salt itself leaves skin feeling super soft and smooth.

2. It plumps, not puffs

A salt-laden food binge can make you feel bloated and puffy. Salt for skin? Not so much. Next time your skin needs a plump and youthful refresh, try a Himalayan Rose Salt facial.

3. It takes deep cleansing even deeper

Even if you think you're getting your skin clean, salt goes a level further. Salt absorbs dirt and toxins on top of having natural antibacterial properties. Reach for a sea salt cleanser to give your skin a refined and purified feel.

4. It offers long-lasting hydration

Salty foods have you reaching for water, but treating your skin to sea salt doesn't give you the same sapped and thirsty feeling. The minerals in salt can help maintain the skin's natural barrier, which can support hydration and keep out irritants.

5. It's deeply soothing

It may come as a surprise, but salt can actually soothe sensitive and upset skin. A salt soak is perfect for anyone dealing with irritation or sunburn — and the benefits even go beneath the skin to relieve sore muscles.

While it may not be a cure-all solution, using Himalayan salts might be worth exploring. It's no substitute for treatment if you have a serious health condition, but it's a natural skin beautifier that tastes delicious and looks wonderful sitting in your 


Softening Body Scrub

Himalayan Rose Salt is a gentle natural exfoliate that sloughs off dead skin. It also has minerals to soften skin and restore hydration.

Try it: Himalayan Rose Salt   Apply in the shower with a washcloth, loofah, or the palms of your hands, gently scrubbing your skin in a circular motion.



Himalayan Rose Salt  for weight loss and other anecdotal claims

There’s no evidence to support the claim that Himalayan Rose Salt  help with weight loss.

Despite people’s claims, there’s also no evidence Himalayan salt baths can treat:

  • insomnia
  • poor circulation
  • respiratory ailments
  • bloating



Natural Face Wash

Himalayan Rose Salt acts as a disinfectant to kill the bacteria that can cause bad breath and gingivitis.

Try it: Mix together a half-teaspoon salt, a half-teaspoon baking soda, and a quarter-cup water until the salt dissolves. Swish the solution around in your mouth and between teeth. Spit, then rinse.


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