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International Export

International Export

International Export

International Export
International Export
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International Export


The flow of goods and materials between points of origin to destination in international trade is very complicated as compare to domestic trade. Because, beyond the border(s) every country has its own rules & regulations. However Qaisar Salt makes it as easy as moving of goods within own town(s).

By the following mode of transport Qaisar Salt provides International Logistics services for both import (inbound) & export (outbound) shipments delivery to destination:

  • By Sea
  • By Road
  • By Air
  • By Rail

Qaisar Group International inbound & outbound Logistics Services include:

  • Port To Port
  • Port To Door
  • Door To Port
  • Door To Door

Our value added serices Include:

  • Warehousing Facility
  • Packing Facility
  • Preperation Of Documents
  • Labour Facility
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Qaisar Salt Industries  being the leading amongst the salt suppliers , have been registered with several government departments. Our credits are also verified by international institutions like A&V. We have also a membership of Amazon and Alibaba We are also registered with PCSIR (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research  (Hala )(TDAP)Trade Development Authority of Pakistan ISO 900:2015,HACCP 22000:2015 ,GMP+B2(2010),GMP, TUV INTERCEPT SAAR CERTIFIED ,GTCC , Kosher Certiefed ,and US-FDA Certified Company )

  • Qaisar Salt Industries offers Door To Door Delivery Services for both:
  • FTL Cargo
  • LTL Cargo
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